Does it feel as if the traditional trip to the Mediterranean doesn't appeal you any longer? Are you looking for knowledge and adventure?
HellasTrek’s team has a deep and direct knowledge of Greece and is in contact with a wide network of locals who can guarantee you a genuine unforgettable stay in one of the most fascinating countries in the world.Are you demanding and knowledge-greedy? Maybe you are fancying about the places that Plato or Archimedes used to visit and that inspired their lifework. 
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DimitrisWe have been working in the tourism and service sectors for over 35 years.
For many years, Mr. Dimitris Anastasiadis was the CEO of Grecofin,
promoting trading and tourism between Greece and Finland.
In January 2008 the President of Finland awarded Mr. Anastasiadis
the medal of "Knight of the Order of Lion of Finland" for his life-long promotion
of commerce, tourism and public relations between Finland and Greece.
With such an extensive background he decided in 2005 to start CPRC
(Commercial & PR Consulting), in order to offer a brod range of services
in the commerce and tourism sectors in and between Greece, Finland and Sweden.
A further expansion of our activities is HellasTrek, where we arrange tailored
group trips in Greece Scandinavia Finland and other countries.