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If you are an adventure lover and seeking profound contactwith nature, 
So, if you are looking for a way to combine entertainment andvirgin sites exploration,
with training and fitness improvement,then, you have to give it a try.
10 days Greek Hiking Routes
Most of Greece is mountainous and a hiker’s paradise.
In the northwest of mainland Greece, the Zagorohoria’s 46 traditional stone-and-slate villages offer crisp alpine air and sublime views. Hikers also come for the Vikos Gorge and other more mountainous routes. Excellent 12km-long, 900m-deep Vikos Gorge bisects the Zagorohoria, and the nearly six-hour hike starts south of Monodendri and runs north to the Papingo villages.
Walkers will be in their element exploring several days’ worth of monopatia that thread through the rocky monastery-topped spires of Meteora in central Greece.
The geological heart of Meteora, the Adhrakhti (obelisk) is a striking column visible from anywhere in Kastraki, the closest village. The lushly forested Pelion Peninsula, on the eastern edge of the mainland near the city of Volos, is a hiking mecca. In the north, two relatively simple hikes begin near Tsagarada. From the square of Agia Paraskevi, it’s two hours down to the small bay at Damouhari.

Suggested Program:

Day1: Thessaloniki Arrival
Arrive at Thessaloniki.
Meet your local guide at the airport. Transferfrom Thessaloniki to Ioannena and the
region of Zagoria. On the way to Ioannena will stop to visit the traditional town of
Metsovo, located up at Pindos mountain rage (one of the biggest Vlachs Community.
O/N Monodedri Village, Zagoria / L,D

Day 2: Zagoria Villages Exploration
Sort Transfer in the morning from Monodedri to Kipi Village.
Our guide will start with briefing and soon we start walk parallel to the main road
until to reach the famous bridge of Plakida. After 800 m we cross the bridge of
captain Arkouda (that means Bear) and we continue to Dilofo that is one of the most
beautiful villages of all Zagori legion. After passing Dilofo we continue to Vitsa that
we meet in the next 4 km. From Vitsa in an hour we arrive at Monodendri that is our
final destination.
(Estimate Walking time: 5 hours)
O/N Monodedri Village, Zagoria / L,D

Day 3: Vikos Gorge
Our day starts from the village of Monodendri and we go to the amazing gorge of
Vikos (the deepest gorge according to the Guinness book of world records). After we
passed through the village we find the entrance of the path (Monodendri steps) that
actually is an old one that is going us to the core of the gorge (1.5 km downhill
elevation of 375 m). In the next 9 km we hike to different elevation rates in a
wonderful place with big laminated stones. Always at the right side is the river of
Vikos (Dry River) that in fact the most days of the year is dry. If we want we can go to
visit the springs of Voidomatis River that came from underground. After that we
continue in the same path that goes to village of Vikos.
(Estimate walking time: 6 - 7 hours)
O/N Monodedri Village, Zagoria / B,L,D

Day 4: Papigo - Klidonia - Gefira Aristi
Day starts with a transfer from Monodedri to the small mountain community of
Mikro (small) Papigo. Will explore and enjoy the magnoficent village architecture of
Mikro Papigo and then will walk down to Megalo (big) Papigo. Coffee and picture
stop at the square of the village. Later on will continue our walk till the old village of
Palea (old) klidonia. On our royte will enjoy thw view of Astraka towers. Next stop
will be the river of Voidomatis end the old stone made bridge of Klidonia. Last and
most impressive part of the day the walk along Voidomatis river (one of the cleanest
rivers in Europe).
Evening Transfer to Grevena
(Estimate walking time: 6 - 7 hours)
O/N Grevena / B,L,D

Day 5: Portitsa Gorge-Orliakas Mountain
One of the unknown but unique and beautiful areas of mountain Greece is the area
of Grevena. At the heart of the Pindos mountain range will exlore the hidden secrets
of the mountain life. The day begins with the crossing of Orliakas Mountain (only 1800m)
with a unique view of Pindos range and its foothills. The village of Spileo standing at the
edge or Orliakas mountain the last 2.500 thousand years. At the foot of Spileo village is
located the gorge of Portitsa, one the nature hidden treasures of Greece. The gorge will
impress as for its beauty and geology.
(Estimate walking time: 6 - 7 hours)
O/N Grevena / B,L,D

Day 6: Meteora
Morning transfer from the high mountains of Pindos south to the valey of Thessalia south.
The hike will start on foot from Kastaraki village. The village is buildied on footsteps of
Meteora. Soon we will see the old ruins of Pantokrator Monastery. From there we walk
through the huge rocks of Meteora inside forest of plane tree. Very soon we reach the
monastery of Great Meteoron Metamorphosis, the first and largest monastery
of Great in this earlier monastic state. From the parking lot, we walk on an old
abandoned trail to the secluded monastery Ypapantis behind the rock towers.
After a good round of 2 hours, we come back to the village Kastraki. We visit for a
change some view points, with beautiful views of Kalambaka, the valley of Pinios
and the great setting of the Pindos Massif. In total will visit from inside 1 monastery
depend of which they are open the day of visit.
(Estimate walking time: 4 - 5 hours)
O/N Grevena / B,L,D

Day 7: Pilio - Portaria
Transfer souther at the region of Pelion. Crossing the city of Volos will climp up to the
centaurs mountain, Pelion. Will arrive at the village of Chania (the highest village of Pelion)
the staring point of today’s route. Will walk descent will beautifull view of Pagasitikos Golf,
till the village of Portaria.
The walk will finish at Makrinitsa village, the unique architecture and view.
(Estimate walking time: 5 - 6 hours)
O/N Grevena / B,L,D

Day 8: Tsagarada - Damouchari - Ag. Ioannis
The east side of Pelion always impress with the beautifull beaches, the traditional villages
and the green forests. Taday will exlpore some of the most beautifull villages of Pelion.
Tsagarada, Danouchari and Ag. Ioannis. A very impresive hike with view and close to Aegean Sea.
(Estimate walking time: 4 - 5 hours)
O/N Tsagarada / B,L,D

Day 9: Tsagarada - Milies
Last walk of our program and very impressive. The hike from the east to west side of
Pelion Mountain always impress. Day starts with the exploration of the Tsagkarada
with the thee neighborhoods, the beautifull squares and houses. Leaving Tsagarada
will start assent the mountain and pass through apple and chestnuts tree forest, till
we arrive at the village of Milies. A visit at the old train station of Milies (wich is still
in operation...) is on our program.
(Estimate walking time: 5 - 6 hours)
O/N Milies / B,L,D

Day 10: Thessaloniki - end of trip
Breakfast in Milies. Departure to Thessaloniki.
Stop at Volos or Thessaloniki.
Travel fee.

* 9 o/n on 3 stars hotels or traditional guest houses up in the mountains (b/b).
* F/B supplement (9 lunches, 9 dinners)
* All the transfers as described in the program
* Entrance ticket for 1 monasteries (day 6)
* License guide for Monastery
* Experience local guide
* All the hikes as in the program
* All the taxes

Not include:
* Personal expenses
* Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
* The accomodation taxes (had to be paid by the clients on the spot, at the hotel reception)
*Any think not mention above

* 12-15 pax > 16490 Kr./Person

* 165 EUR/Person