VEDEMA - Santorini

söndag, februari 01, 2015
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Harvest of Wine Grapes on Santorini island.
With ''VEDEMA'' meant the harvest of wine grapes and the whole process of developing the unique Santorini wine. Wine grapes are grown in the volcanic soil of the local population in exactly the same way as their ancestors have done for hundreds of years. Brought to harvest and treading grapes, make your own wine!
''VEDEMA'' begins in August and hold on until the middle of September.


It's a big party with food and drink at ROUSSOS vineyard, one of our wine producers. We will visit the Boutari vineyard auditorium, here we'll see and hear about the creation of the island of Santorini, as many believe it is ATLANTIS, then we are sampling local wines. During our trip we will visit the theme excavated city of Akrotiri, the city that was covered by lava, ash, dust and stones after the great volcano approx. 1520 BC finds in the city is unique with freskos (paintings), and many rare ceramics. Field trip to the ''Old Kameni'' (old volcano). An experience that everyone will remember for years to come. We go boat past the Akrotiri and see all the volcanic cliffs with amazing colors. When we come to the "Old Kameni ', we have time, before lunch, to bathe in the hot springs or at the little lake in the volcano. Sostis, our captain, fisherman, and not least the chef has cooked a tasty fish soup, Greek Salad with goat cheese and Sostis own homegrown wine is also on the menu. After dinner we are drinking Greek coffee and continue our boat to Fira. Last on our culture journey we visit Oia, village located in the northern part of Santorini. Here we enjoy the sunset while we take a glass of wine at one of the romantic small taverns which exist at the edge of the caldera.

  • Our theme travel to Santorini is one week long
  • Price only 11 450 SEK/person
  • The price includes direct flights Stockholm-Santorini-Stockholm
  • Transfers
  • Hotel 7 nights with breakfast and dinner
  • Excursions
  • Group leader
  • Optional 3-hour wine test course with wine connoisseurs price 500 SEK/pers (ink. Wine and snacks)